In most medical settings, the health care provider takes a directive role (i.e. the patient/client presents a health issue and the provider directs them what to do to solve or manage it).  I take a much more collaborative, client-centered approach, so I work with my clients to help them find the answers to improving their health or reducing their pain.

My OT treatment is not hands-on, so I don’t offer manual therapy, bodywork, or splinting.  But I regularly work in collaboration with providers who do (physical therapists, hand therapists, massage practitioners, etc.).  I focus on an interactive talk therapy/health coaching approach.  When appropriate, I do instruct clients in proper body mechanics techniques and provide ergonomic modification recommendations for work and home.

Most sessions last 1 hour, unless arrangements for an extended session have been made.  Each session is slightly different, depending on the client’s goals and what treatment activities are appropriate to explore the barriers to meeting them.  The sessions usually consist of a combination of talk therapy, education, and goal setting to create better balance for improved health.

My hope is that my clients see their treatment sessions as a chance to take a break from their busy lives and feel supported while they take time to focus on improving their health and creating better balance in their lives.  My office is located in a quiet building in a beautiful Seattle neighborhood just off the Burke-Gilman Trail.  It provides a great environment for clients to slow down and focus on what is meaningful to them!