Currently, I offer two different classes and series that can be taught on-site for employees.  However, if you would like to offer a class on a health or wellness topic that is not listed here, please contact me.

Basic Office Ergonomics

This class, designed by me, teaches employees the basics of ergonomically correct work station design, empowering them to make simple changes to improve their comfort at work.  The class content can be customized for an employer’s specific needs.

This class can also be expanded and taught as a "train the trainer" class and used to provide selected employees with the education needed to conduct basic ergonomic assessments as part of an employer's wellness program.

Food for Life Employee Wellness Program

I am a certified Food for Life instructor and teach this class series that was designed by physicians and registered dieticians through the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).  The evidence-based curriculum combines nutrition education, cooking demonstrations, food samples, and group support.  It focuses on healthy food choices to prevent and manage weight, diabetes, and cancer.   It can be used as part of an employer’s employee wellness program and helps to encourage a healthy workplace culture through better food choices.

For more information on the Food for Life classes, please visit the PCRM Food for Life Classes site.