I believe that my professional training and experience as an occupational therapist (in addition to my training as a health coach) provides me with a unique skill set to support and guide my clients as they make lifestyle changes to improve their health.   I use a science-based approach with a compassionate, nonjudgmental focus.  Having made many lifestyle changes myself over the last 15 years, I recognize how difficult it is and want to use my experience and clinical knowledge to help others do the same!

My special areas of interest as a health coach include:

  • transitioning to a whole food, plant-based diet
  • learning how to adapt your diet to accommodate food allergies/sensitivities
  • managing pain with healthy lifestyle changes
  • improving the ergonomics of your kitchen to make preparing healthy meals easier and less painful
  • making healthy lifestyle changes after experiencing grief and loss

In addition, I offer a range of services, including education on:

  • incorporating more whole foods into your diet
  • safely increasing your activity level to improve your health and reduce your risk of disease
  • how to read a food label to support your preferred eating plan
  • choosing healthy foods at your preferred grocery store
  • cooking simple, healthy, and affordable whole food, plant-based recipes

As a holistic health practitioner, there is some overlap between my health coaching services and my Lifestyle OT and ergonomics services.  However, the important distinction is that as a health coach, my role is not as a client’s health care provider.  If a client is in need of professional medical services that I can provide as an occupational therapist, I will recommend obtaining a referral from the client’s doctor for me to work in that capacity.  For health issues that are outside my scope of practice, I can recommend appropriate health care providers who I know and trust.

As a health coach, I have the opportunity to focus more on nutrition, cooking, and incorporating healthy foods in to your diet.  For many clients, changing how and what they eat is the most effective area to start with as it has the potential to significantly impact pain, stress, weight, sleep, mood, and general well-being.